3D Animation Services


3D animation services

 Looking to advertise a product?  Propose a new development to shareholders or investors?  Give your client a virtual tour for the project they have commissioned?  Presenting your designs through 3D animation is a brilliant solution to show not only your artistic direction but also give a clear and detailed technical rendition of the final product. However, unless you are part of a computer game, film, web development or animation studio, chances are you don’t have the facilities to develop 3D animations in-house.  Outsourcing to an animation services is definitely an option, but with so many companies varying for your business, check out our top tips for finding an outsource solution.

What Can 3D Animation Services Do?

 So, why would anyone want to invest in 3D animation services? What can be achieved with help from a 3D animator? The answers are really plentiful. In fact, you can achieve a great deal with help from a 3D animator. One of these professionals can help you create a commercial for one of your products. They can help you showcase your products or properties to your clients. With their assistance, you’ll be able to give your audience a virtual tour of your goods, whether it is a product or a property.

A 3D animation can make a huge difference and could help you seal the deal. In fact, you may even be able to negotiate for a higher price with a 3D animation by your side.

Be industry-specific

While a skilled artist might be able to have success in any design field, going with someone familiar with expertise and experience in your line of work should be a no-brainer.  Even small things, such as familiarity with the language and terms specific to your type of work will make the whole process much easier and faster.

Check out their website

Whether you go with a global or local firm or decide on a freelancer, your first port of call should be to carefully review their website, even before you think about portfolios.  Remember, a good animator or firm will want to display their skills at every opportunity, and if they don’t have a visually stunning website, they’re not worth even considering.

Check their portfolio against their client’s website

Obviously, a big part of selecting an animator will be through reviewing their online portfolio to see if they can give you the solution you need.  However, a disreputable company could easily fill their portfolio with work that was rejected by the client, so it’s a good idea to check their client’s websites to see if the final product was accepted and used.

Do your research

With websites specializing in testimonials and useful tools like Google reviews, you should look into reviews of the outsources from as many sources you can find in order to get the most objective opinion of them you can.  Don’t be afraid to directly contact their former clients either.

Speak With Them Directly

Before signing on the dotted line, you’ll want to make sure that you speak with the 3D animator directly. Use the initial conversation to feel out the professional and see whether or not you feel comfortable with them. Do they seem knowledge and trustworthy? Do you legitimately believe that they can get the job done in a satisfactory and time efficient manner? Always rely on your emotions and feelings, because they could help you avoid a disastrous situation.

Always Shop Around

 Finally, you should always be willing to shop around. After you’ve completed the steps above, you should ask each of the candidates for quotes for the project in question. Use the quotes to find the best company at the best price. Remember that the most affordable firm might not always be the best. Quality is often more important and you cannot put a price tag on it! After all, your future could depend on the quality of their 3D animation.