3 Effective Property Development Marketing Strategies


Choosing the right property advertising strategies when selling your property is necessary to achieve desirable results. No matter what kind of property you’re selling, marketing strategies will surely be beneficial.

However, before you start choosing the right marketing strategy, you should first know what property development marketing is all about.

What is Property Development Marketing?

Property development marketing is all about creating effective marketing strategies to encourage people to buy your property. Aside from that, it can also open many doors for new potential buyers and for people who want to do business with you.

Always remember that the most significant factor that affects your campaign is you. If you are starting a business, you are also beginning to create your brand, so make sure to choose the right marketing strategies. In connection to that, you should make sure that you’re respectable and you know how to handle yourself. Earning respect from clients starts with professionally-designed business cards and communicating professionally with your clients. Possess desirable qualities like honesty, integrity and professionalism 24/7 and people will inevitably begin noticing you.

You may think that applying marketing strategies would be quite expensive. That idea is the most common misconception made by people who are not yet aware of the industry, most primarily by a newcomer. The amount of effort that you will put into your real estate marketing mainly depends on you.

Take for example social media marketing and networking – these two are free, it requires minimum to zero investment from your marketing budget. With those marketing strategies, you can advertise your business and reach many people without spending too much money. Establishing your brand successfully, creating an effective marketing campaign, and having consistent communication with your clients are the key factors in achieving an excellent word-of-mouth system.

Three Marketing Strategies That Will Engage More Clients to Your Business

A good marketing campaign must make an excellent first impression to clients or other potential buyers for it to be called successful and efficient. If you are planning to advertise your business through the use of social media, then you need to do it efficiently. But promoting your business is not enough, you need to be creative and do more than that.

You can try including some humor or something that can pique the interest of anyone who sees your campaign. You can also add some information which might be interesting or helpful to your potential clients.

However, some marketing strategies are full of surprises – clients and competitors won’t see them coming because investors prefer a silent campaign. To do that, investors will target a particular group of individuals or find properties that are off-the-market. If you make a quiet attack as an investor, you can make sure that you can get a particular deal without going out in the open.

If you want to make your property development marketing business successful, then you might consider applying these three marketing strategies:

  1. Try to find properties that are off the market

Multiple Listing Service or MLS may not include Off-market real estate properties. If you are interested in applying this marketing strategy to your business, then you should make sure that you can complete some vital tasks. You should be able to do some market research first and follow your due diligence. These kinds of properties can be beneficial to investors because owners sell them at a lower price.

However, you might be wondering how you can locate a particular property if they are not on the MLS. All you have to do is to undertake a lot of networking – useful and beneficial networking. You need to establish a network involving a lot of people, especially with wholesalers, local builders, and estate lawyers.

Aside from those, you can also find these properties by attending auctions – either online or traditional. Auctions are a great place in finding foreclosed properties, bank owned properties, and short-sale properties. But make sure to do your homework and research everything about the property before you get too excited about placing your offer.

  1. Target People that are Motivated to Sell

These kinds of people want to sell their property as soon as possible and will be willing to agree to even with the most unusual terms. They can be beneficial to an investor or a business since they can help them reap big profits. To add to the excitement, finding them is also a piece of cake.

You can find them by getting a copy of the “delinquent tax list” in your city. In the list, you can see the people that weren’t able to pay their taxes. Unpaid taxes mean that the city will foreclose the property soon.

If that happens, the people living in that property will be desperate to sell it Instead of waiting for the property to be foreclosed and not receiving even a single cent, they will be selling the property even at a low price.

  1. Make Use of Direct Mail

According to statistics, 92% of shoppers prefer receiving direct mail when they have to decide between buying something. Direct letters can provide many benefits to your business. Aside from the fact that they can remove from your business the need of doing complex analytics; it can also make your business stand out from other companies.

Direct mail is tangible; It can create a particular connection between the investor and potential client. Creating that kind of relationship cannot be achieved when you use email or social media advertising.

To start using direct mail as a marketing strategy, you need to identify the right audience first. You should also be specific as possible in creating your target list to achieve fantastic results. After that, you can start composing your mail – it should be something that would require action and not only to inform. If everything is ready, start sending them out.

Make sure to send them to a limited number of people, so you can easily track the results afterward. You can always repeat the process anyway, so don’t rush yourself.

There are many property marketing strategies available that are also effective. However, those the three which have been mentioned above are the most useful and beneficial to those who are only just starting in the industry.